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Overview: Physicochemical Hydrodynamics
Writer : Dongho( : 2023-05-25View : 705
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 Our group is dedicated to comprehending and controlling the behaviors of physicochemical hydrodynamic phenomena. Physicochemical hydrodynamics encompasses the hydrodynamic movement of physical, chemical, biochemical, and electrochemical components. These phenomena are observed in a wide range of electrochemical systems, such as electrolysis, batteries, and desalination, as well as in particle manipulations like separation, pre-concentration, and purification of bio-agents. Our primary objective is to uncover previously unknown fluid flow and transport phenomena and to develop previously unattainable electrochemical systems by deepening our understanding of physicochemical hydrodynamics in these systems. By achieving this, we aim to address the pressing challenges of water, energy, and climate change crises.





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