Thesis Projects
Thesis Projects

Thesis Projects

2022 Spring
Visualization of expiratory droplet spreading in a cough jet by a single-mirror Schlieren imaging
Electroconvective Instability on Liquid Metal Electrodes
Design of an airtight sealing device for in-operando visualization of fluid flows, ion concentration and dendrites in battery
2022 14th National University Student Fluid Dynamics Competition, Participation Prize
2021 Spring
Developing Continuous Bio-agent Concentrator by Using Super-Absorbent Polymer
Analysis Electroconvective Vortex in Geometric Confinement at Various Geometric Ratio
Correlationship between Bubble and Rayleigh-Bénard convection
Nanoscale Electroconvective Vortex and Current Hotspot Visualization
2021 13th National University Student Fluid Dynamics Competition, Grand Prize
2020 Spring
Shaping Electroconvective Vortex by Geometric Confinement
Enhancement of Peptide Extraction Using Supported Liquid Membrane supported by an Electric Field
Enhanced Desalination Performance through Nafion-coated Cathode in Capacitive Deionization
Inducing Characteristic Change of Electroconvection Using Electrorheological Fluid
2020 12th National University Student Fluid Dynamics Competition, Bronze Award
2019 Spring
Electrokinetic Preconcentration of Ionized Pollutants in Find Dust
2019 Capstone Design Fair
Preconcentration of Fine Dust in a Magnetic-field-assisted Miniaturized Cyclone
2019 Korea Research Foundation 2nd X-Corps Festival Silver Award
2019 HX-Corps Business Group 3rd Year Presentation Grand Prize
2019 11th National University Student Fluid Dynamics Competition Encouragement Award
2019 11th Capstone Design Fair Encouragement Award
Biomimetic Spacer for Better Fluidic Mixing in Electromembrane Desalination
2018 Fall
High-rise building shape design to prepare typhoon by comparing the ratio between long and short axis in torsional structure
Mitigating ion concentration polarization in electrodialysis by using micromixer
Miniaturized avalanche model: visualization of granular flow over a flexible retaining wall
Fast Microparticle Separation by Using a Millimeter-Scale Hydrocyclone
Open channel Sweat VIA for long-term monitoring of sweat rate and concentration
2018 Spring
Microscale Electrodeionization : Concentration Profiling and Flow Visualization
2018 1st Semester Mechanical Engineering Comprehensive Design Competition Excellence Award
Improvement of Vortex Control Mechanism and Efficiency in Electrodialysis Using Pattern Structures
2018 10th National University Student Fluid Dynamics Competition Gold Award
Fast En Bloc Pre-Concentration System based on Electrodialysis Process
2019 15th Asian Symposium on Visualization, Best Presentation Student Award
Two Phase Flow Visualization and Improvement of Heat Transfer Efficiency Performance
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