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Sustainable "Flow" Energy & Battery
Writer : Dongho( : 2023-05-25View : 425
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 Research on sustainable energy storage devices is underway worldwide to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and achieve carbon neutrality. Research on alternative metal-ion (Zn2+, Mg2+, Al3+) and redox flow batteries that can address lithium-ion batteries' inherent stability issues and limited storage capacity are being conducted very actively. At the Physicochemical Hydrodynamics Lab, we are addressing "flow-coupled" challenges at multiple scales: 1) We develop unique in-situ visualization techniques to understand ion transport & dendrite growth dynamics in batteries; 2) We tackle three major limitations of flow batteries (low energy density, low voltage and current efficiencies); 3) We develop redox flow batteries which directly integrated into other platforms (e.g., desalination and water electrolyzer) as an energy storage system.



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■ 2023-2026 아연산화반응기반초저전력수전해기술개발, 한국남부발전

■ 2022-2026 해수이용 CO2-전력동시저장융합시스템원천기술개발, STEAM연구사업, NRF

■ 2022-2028 생체모방기반이산화탄소농도차발전원천기술개발, Alchemist프로젝트, MOTIE


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